About Master of Corporate Communication

Briefly about Master of Corporate Communication, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

The programme aims to equip candidates with knowledge of theories and applications relevant to the field of corporate communication. In this programme, candidates are exposed to latest developments in the communication industry.

Through a series of lectures and practical assignments, the programme aims to contribute to a higher level of professionalism among future and current practitioners of corporate communication and professionals in the media industry. Special focus is given to various aspects of corporate communication, such as planning, preparing, organising and utilising corporate communication in the operation of an organisation.

List of Courses: Compulsory Courses (21 credits)

  • KOM5111 Communication Theory – 3 credits
  • KOM5113 Communication Research Methods – 3 credits
  • KOM5115 Statistics for Communication Research – 3 credits
  • KOM5315 Organizational Communication – 3 credits
  • KOM5317 Theory and Practice of Corporate Communication – 3 credits
  • KOM5321 Advanced Public Relations – 3 credits
  • KOM5325 Integrated Marketing Communication – 3 credits

List of Courses: Elective Courses (19 credits)

  • KOM5117 Data Analysis and Interpretation – 3 credits
  • KOM5210 Public Speaking for Professionals – 3 credits
  • KOM5211 Interpersonal Communication – 3 credits
  • KOM5213 Psychology of Communication – 3 credits
  • KOM5215 Intercultural Communication – 3 credits
  • KOM5217 Strategies of Communication – 3 credits
  • KOM5319 Communication and Decision Making – 3 credits
  • KOM5323 Principles of Advertising – 3 credits
  • KOM5327 Crisis Communication – 3 credits
  • KOM5331 Brand Communication – 3 credits
  • KOM5419 Presentation Media – 3 credits
  • KOM5711 Special Topics in Corporate Communication – 1 credit
  • FBK5600 Master Research Project Seminar – 1 credit
  • FBK5989 Research Project – 6 credits

Source: UPM

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