Synopsis of Courses for Master of Corporate Communication UPM

Here are the synopsis of courses for Master of Corporate Communication, University Putra Malaysia (UPM). Most of it, I got from an ‘old’ micro blog which i think managed by person from Communication Department, Faculty of Modern Languages & Communication UPM.


KOM5111 Communication Theory – 3 credits

Analysis of contemporary theories of human communication emphasizing the similarities and differences between the various communication process of interpersonal, organizational, mass communication and international communication; development of communication theory and current issues in communication theory.

KOM5113 Communication Research Methods – 3 credits

Development of research in communication; the role of theory in research; the research process: developing a research problem, defining concepts, formulating objectives, testing hypotheses; concepts of causality, logic of measurement; reliability and validity; survey research: sampling, questionnaire and interview; schedule construction of interviewing and fieldwork; internal and external validity; coding and content analysis; using archived data and statistical records; data reduction and statistical analysis; report writing.

KOM5115 Statistics for Communication Research – 3 credits

This course covers variety of statistical techniques used in descriptive and inferential analysis; exploratory data analysis, hypothesis testing; test of differences; test of association and test of relationships.

KOM5315 Organizational Communication – 3 credits

This course covers nature of organizational communication; group communication in organization; communication networks; leadership communication; organization culture and communication audit in organizations.

KOM5317 Theory and Practice of Corporate Communication – 3 credits

This course covers the theoretical and practical aspects of corporate communication; management of organizational image, identity and reputation; branding and corporate advertising; media relations and corporate writing; investor relations; employee communication; government affairs; corporate social responsibility; customer relations; corporate communication research.

KOM5321 Advanced Public Relations – 3 credits

The course covers fundamental concepts, theories, elements and principles of public relations; survey of current practices and problems in the field of public relations; functions of public relations; application of ethics and professionalism of public relations; management of public relations activities and campaigns; practices of public relations in government, not-for-profit organizations, business organizations and multicultural settings.

KOM5325 Integrated Marketing Communication – 3 credits

This course focuses on the theory and practice of integrated marketing communications (IMC) and offers an overview of the developments of the field. This course provide insights into the profession in corporate communication and its interface with society.


KOM5117 Data Analysis and Interpretation – 3 credits

This Course Covers The Basics Of Statistics, An Introduction To Spss, Data Entry, Exploratory Data Analysis, Analysis Of Differences, Analysis Of Association, Analysis Of Relationship, Data Presentation And Report Writing

KOM5210 Public Speaking for Professionals – 3 credits

This course covers concept of speech communication; verbal and non-verbal communication; manifestation of nervousness and communication apprehension; audience analysis; informative format, persuasive format and three types of appeal in speech.

KOM5211 Interpersonal Communication – 3 credits

This course covers the definition and process of interpersonal communication; characteristics of the communicator and situations that influence interpersonal relations and communication in organizations; communication strategies and communication effectiveness; conceptual, practical and research issues.

KOM5213 Psychology of Communication – 3 credits

This course covers the domain of psychology of communication as a field of inquiry; the concept of self and others; attribution and defense mechanisms in communication; stereotype and prejudice; interpersonal attraction and relationship; social and group influence; message structure and appeal; psychology of media; research themes and issues in communication psychology.

KOM5215 Intercultural Communication – 3 credits

This course covers the history of intercultural communication as a field of practice and inquiry; domain of intercultural communication; perspectives of intercultural communication inquiry; conceptual foundation; role of identity in intercultural communication; theories of cultural variability; cultural influences on communication in various contexts; theories of intercultural communication; ethics and intercultural communication; issues and agendas of intercultural communication.

KOM5217 Strategies of Communication – 3 credits

This course covers the process of developing communication strategies with an emphasis on problem definition; behavioral specification of objectives; situation analysis; strategy formulation; audience analysis and justification through application of communication theories and research results, and evaluation.

KOM5319 Communication and Decision Making – 3 credits

This course covers the role of information in decision making; rationality in decision making; the decision making process and strategies; information seeking and decision making at the individual, family, community, organizational and national level.

KOM5323 Principles of Advertising – 3 credits

This course covers the foundation of advertising by discussing topics such as advertising and society, the process of marketing and the scope of advertising; the different types of research in advertising and the strategic planning in advertising; analyze the different channels of communication through which advertising messages are conveyed and develop the media planning strategy.

KOM5327 Crisis Communication – 3 credits

This course covers concepts of crisis, crisis management, and crisis communication; crisis management approaches and crisis communication theory; Steps in crisis prevention, preparation, recognition, containment and recovery; Planning crisis communications plan for managing organizational crisis.

KOM5331 Brand Communication – 3 credits

This course focuses on how brands and branding have increasingly become a focus of any organization in their corporate communications and marketing activities. Theoretical insights will be used to critically evaluate current brand campaigns, and to discuss the role of corporate and marketing communications in making such campaigns successful.

KOM5419 Presentation Media – 3 credits

This course focuses on theories and practices of media preparation for presentations and the techniques of managing media units.

KOM5711 Special Topics in Corporate Communication – 1 credit

This course covers methods of identifying, evaluating and suggesting strategies for improvement regarding a particular problem or issue in communication. The students will formulate a systematic inquiry and learning strategy on their own initiative

FBK5600 Master Research Project Seminar – 1 credit

This course covers the basic principles, essential elements and sequential steps required in community health program management. Decision making models, quality management functions and strategies in planning, implementation etc

FBK5989 Research Project – 6 credits

Source: UPM

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