List of Communication Theories – KOM 5111 ?

Theoretically,In academic, obviously I am new on ‘Corporate Communication’. So, I need to study early and do some research about the subject that i will take next 2 ++ months. Thanks to Mr Google and several alumni who given some info about the subject – KOM511 Communication Theory. Here is the first result.

It is look like the student need to pick one theory and do some presentation. Oh My God. Can I do a presentation in English? I am nervous person okay! waaa waaa waaa

First Assignment for Student First Semester 2013/14

List of Communication Theories that can be used for Assignment 1

  1. Adaptive Structuration Theory
  2. Argumentation Theory
  3. Attitude Formation Theory
  4. Attribution Theory
  5. Diffusion of Innovation Theory
  6. Early Rhetorical Theory
  7. Elaboration Likelihood Theory
  8. Equity Theory
  9. Expectancy Value Theory
  10. Hirokawa Faulty Group Decision Making Theory
  11. Hypodermic Needle Theory
  12. Information Theory
  13. Integrative Theory/Structural Functional Theory
  14. Language Expectancy Theory
  15. Likert’s Four Systems Theory
  16. Magic Bullet Theory
  17. Marxist Media Theory
  18. Problematic Integration Theory
  19. Media Equation Theory
  20. Media Richness Theory
  21. Muted Group Theory
  22. Problematic Integration Theory
  23. Social Learning and Violence Theories
  24. Social Penetration Theory
  25. Social Presence Theory
  26. Symbolic Convergence Theory
  27. Theories of Active Audience
  28. Theory of Interpersonal Relationship
  29. Theory of Planned Behaviour
  30. Weick’s Theory of Organizing

List of Communication Theories that CANNOT be used for Assignment 1

  1. Agenda Setting Theory
  2. Aristotle’s Theory of Persuasion
  3. Attitude Change Theory
  4. Attraction Theories and Relational Development
  5. Berger’s Uncertainty Reduction Theory
  6. Berlo’s SMCR Model of Communication
  7. Cahn’s Theory of Perceived Understanding
  8. Cognitive Dissonance Theory
  9. Cultivation Theory
  10. Interpersonal Goal-Oriented Theory
  11. McCroskey Theory of Communication
  12. Media Effects Theories
  13. Predicted Outcome Value Theory
  14. Reinforcement Theory
  15. Ruesch and Bateson Theory of Communication
  16. Rules Theory of Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Development Theory
  17. Schramm Theory of Communication 18. Social Exchange Theory
  18. Systems Theory of Communication
  19. Two Step Flow Theory of Communication
  20. Uses and Gratification Theory
  21. Westley-MacLean Theory of Communication


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